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Shiga Travel Guide

Nestled in the heart of Japan, Shiga Prefecture is a captivating destination renowned for its natural splendor and profound historical heritage. At the forefront of Shiga's allure is Lake Biwa, Japan's largest lake and a symbol of the region's breathtaking landscape. Covering a significant portion

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Kochi travel Guide

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For those seeking a departure from the ordinary Japanese destination, Kochi beckons. Stretching across the southern side of Shikoku, it is a surprisingly diverse prefecture: from tropical seascapes to cloud-tipped mountain plateaus, and pristine river valleys to retro towns. This wide range of landscapes, along with a year-round temperate climate, makes Kochi a hidden gem for golf enthusiasts looking to escape crowded courses around Tokyo.

What To Do In Kochi

Kochi offers a plethora of experiences waiting to be explored! Kickstart your Sunday morning by immersing yourself in the charm of Kochi's beloved over 300-year-old market, sprawling 1.3 kilometers from the foot of Kochi Castle. Alternatively, venture into the enchanting Shimanto River valley, home to Japan's last free-flowing river adorned with chinkabashi submersible bridges and traditional settlements.

Discover towns like Yusuhara, boasting 6 architecturally designed buildings by the renowned Ken- go Kuma. Explore the quaint, well-preserved fishing village of Kure and immerse yourself in the sake-soaked beauty of Sakawa, adorned not only with sake but also cherry blossoms. These are just a few highlights to explore after a day on the golf links.

What to Eat?

This iconic soul food is Katsuo no Tataki or Bonito in English. This seared fish is a must-try, with rich filets of delicious sashimi-grade fish, quickly seared on the edges over a straw fire. Dip it in some ponzu sauce or salt, and top it with the traditional slivers of garlic, ginger and onion for a perfect bite. One great place to try it is at Hirome Ichiba, a bustling covered market with tempting food stalls located near Kochi Castle, or at Tosa COuntry Club whose clubhouse overlooks the ocean.

Where to Play?

The Kochi Kuroshio Country Club has two 18-hole championship courses and hosts the Casio World Open. The course is long, perfectly maintained, and has tropical ocean views that rival Hawaii’s. There are even English-speaking staff to help book your tee time.

Another coastal beauty is the Tosa Country Club (pictured above), which boasts 36 holes along scenic fairways lined with palm trees. From the top of the hills, views of the cerulean pacific ocean unfold, and might just distract you from your game.

The Sky Bay Golf Club has a particularly serenity-inducing course, located on a raised headland jutting into the bay, offering ocean views framed by the lush peaks of nearby mountains. Sister club Sky Hill Golf Club also has mountain scenery along the fun course, with whimsical holes and plenty of up and down (and glamping accommodation).

For something a bit different, check out Green Feel Golf Club. The front 9 has tapered landing areas and undulating greens which will test your control, while the back 9 is a blast with doglegs, high tee boxes, river carries, and heavy rough.

What to bring back

Kochi Prefecture is renowned for its Yuzu citrus fruit. As you pass through the airport, you'll encounter an array of Yuzu-flavored delights, including shochu and even gin. Explore traditional cookies, sweets, soft drinks, and juices—all infused with the distinctive essence of Yuzu.

Getting there

Kochi Ryoma Airport is just over an hour's flight from Haneda Airport, and is conveniently located just outside Kochi City. From Osaka, there are excellent train connections via Okayama.