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Titleist Fitting Experience

Titleist Fitting Experience- English Available In Japan

As the world's second-largest golf market, Japan offers an amazing range of courses, facilities and a vibrant golfing community and culture. 

Moreover, with the current economic climate, it represents a unique opportunity for golfers visiting Japan; Tax-free shopping and the weak yen present an ideal time to invest in new clubs while exploring the country's golfing treasures.  

Finding English-speaking fitters can also be a challenge in Japan... until now!
Introducing our Titleist English Fitting Experience in Japan

Check out the information on fitting below and simply fill in the reservation request form and the Golf in Japan team will be in touch.

Titleist fitting center and store


Why Get Fit?

Whether you are in the market for a driver that maximizes distance of the tee, or irons that offer a consistent performance, wedges that elevate your short game, or a putter that inspires confidence on the greens, Titleist Japan provides a comprehensive selection of clubs to suit every golfer's needs. 

Titleist Japan offers an impressive lineup of equipment available for fitting and purchase, including the highly acclaimed TSR driver and metals, the new T-series irons as well as Vokey Wedges.


TSR Driver

TSR Driver

The TSR driver and metals collection showcases cutting-edge technology and innovation, designed to optimize distance, forgiveness, and launch conditions, With adjustable features and advanced materials, these clubs allow golfers to fine-tune their performance and achieve their desired ball flight.


T-Series Irons

Titleist T 100

The T-Series Irons represent the epitome of Titleist's craftsmanship and precision. Designed for players of all skill levels, these irons offer a combination of distance, forgiveness, and control.

Each iron in the T-Series line has been meticulously engineered to deliver consistent and reliable performance, enabling golfers to hit precise shots with confidence.


Vokey Wedges

sm10 Vokey wedge

For short-game excellence, Titleist's new SM10 Vokey wedges are a popular choice among professionals and amateurs alike. These wedges are handcrafted to deliver exceptional spin, control, and versatility around the greens. 

With various loft and bounce options available, golfers can customize their wedges to suit their playing style and course conditions.


How To Prepare For Your Titleist Fitting Experience

Titleist fitting experience

To ensure a successful fitting experience, consider the following key points on the day of your appointment:

  • Arrive well-rested and hydrated, as it can positively impact your swing
  • Dress comfortably in golf attire and wear your own golf shoes for optimal performance
  • Remember to bring your current clubs- even if you plan to purchase a new set, as they provide valuable reference points for the fitter. If you do not have your own clubs with you, then please know your current clubs' brand, model, and shaft brand/model and spec that you currently use.

And remember...

Finally, approach the session with an open mind, clearly communicate your goals and preferences, and share any specific concerns or shot tendencies with your fitter. This will allow them to customize the fitting process to meet your needs, resulting in the best possible outcome. Remember they are there to help you!

Fitting Reservation

Titleist Fitting Studio

English-speaking fitters are available at select locations in Tokyo and Yokohama. For golfers seeking a fitting, it is important to note that prior booking is essential. To ensure a seamless and convenient process golfers can make their fitting appointments in advance through the following form:


Your Name
Address or Hotel in Japan
Enter Your Telephone Number 
Fitting Selection
The TSR Driver (Requires 1-2 hours)
The T Series Irons (Requires 1-2 hours)
Vokey Wedges (Requires 1-2 hours)
Full Bag (Requires 4-5 hours)
Please tell us any requests or comments