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Golf In Japan Podcast Episode #10

KC and Pro Joe talk about our prefecture of the week; the wonderful Nara, with its very cool courses and persimmon sushi! Of course, the amazing Master's recap dominates the conversation, but we are also excited about our new Titleist rentals- ready to go out, and we visit our course-of-the-week

by Podcast Team

Golf In Japan Podcast Episode # 3

by gij-admin

Join KC, Damon and Pro Joe as they explore this week's area of Shimane prefecture, talk tour news with Hideki Matsuyama's historic win at Riviera, and explore Japan's weird and wonderful golfing world; Like why Japanese golf courses have 2 greens, what kind of grass is Korai?  What is up with playing 4 and playing 3 tee grounds? All is revealed!

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