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Gunma Travel Guide

Discover a whole new side of Japan in Gunma Prefecture! With its stunning lakes, tranquil valleys, and rejuvenating hot springs, Gunma is the ultimate destination for a relaxing golf getaway. With over 80 courses to choose from, you might find yourself spoiled for choice. The best part? Gunma is

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Toyama Travel Guide


Have you ever dreamed of a place where every turn offers a picture-perfect moment, begging to be captured and shared with loved ones back home? Welcome to Toyama Prefecture, nestled in the heart of the Japanese Alps, often dubbed the "roof of the world."

Location and Overview

Toyama Prefecture is located in central Japan, surrounded by majestic mountains on three sides and opening onto the stunning Toyama Bay and the Sea of Japan. It comprises ten cities within this compact region, part of the Chubu area on Honshu, Japan's main island.


What To Do

Your visit to Toyama Prefecture can be as varied and exciting as you wish. In between rounds of golf, there are countless attractions for you and your family.

Relax and Unwind

Consider a rejuvenating experience at the Hanayama Onsen Hotel, where you can relax in a sand bath, covered in warm sand while listening to soothing Zen music. Follow this with a soak in the natural hot springs (onsen) at the same hotel.

Must-Visit: Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

One trip you shouldn't miss is the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, operating from April to October. This spectacular journey through the mountains offers stunning views of snow-capped peaks, gorges, dams, lakes, tunnels, and bridges. You can even walk through a snow-walled passageway. For ski and snowboard enthusiasts, there are numerous pistes along the route.

Nature's Light Show

Between March and June, visit Toyama Bay's beaches in the early morning to witness the mesmerizing firefly squid. These bioluminescent creatures create a dazzling blue light display as they come to the shallow waters to mate, offering a sight you’ll never forget.

Museums and Cultural Spots

For art and science lovers, Toyama boasts several notable museums:

  • Toyama Prefectural Museum of Modern Art
  • Toyama Science Museum of Natural History
  • Toyama Glass Art Museum
  • Suiboku Museum (Chinese art)
  • Fukumitsu Museum (Japanese Wood Block artist Munakata Shikoh)

For more information on museum opening times and locations, contact the Toyama Museum Association.

Family Fun

The Uozu Aquarium, the first to feature marine life from the Japan Sea, is worth a visit despite its age. Nearby, Mirage Land Amusement and Water Park offers rides, games, and a giant Ferris wheel for aerial views.

Summer Festivals

From June to September, enjoy various folk festivals, including the Jankotoi Uozu Festival with its bamboo pole and lantern floats, and the Kokiriko Festival in Gokayama. Fireworks festivals are also a summer highlight.

Flavors Of Toyama

Exploring Toyama's culinary delights is essential. Savor local specialties like firefly squid tempura near the bay, or participate in traditional tea ceremonies at the Gokayama Gassho-style houses. 

Don’t miss the seafood auction in Shinminato at around 1 PM, where you can taste the freshest crabs. Toyama offers a range of dining options, from Indian and Vietnamese to traditional sushi, ramen, and Japanese BBQ.

What To Bring Back

Toyama offers an array of traditional Japanese crafts to take home, including bronze and copper utensils, decorative glass art, washi paper, lacquered miniatures, and woodcraft sculptures. However, the best souvenirs will be the memories and experiences shared with the friendly locals.

Where to Stay

For a unique experience, stay in the UNESCO World Heritage site at Gokayama. The Gokayama Gassho-no-Sato cottages accommodate groups up to 16, providing an authentic feel of this incredible location. Alternatively, enjoy the luxurious Etchu Yatsuo Base OYATSU, known for its lovely garden and historic architecture.

Where To Play

Top 5 courses according to Golf in Japan Users:

1Himi C.C.



Uozu Kokusai C.C.



Yatsuo C.C.



Senbadaira G.C.



Taikoyama C.C.