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Golf In Japan Podcast Episode #13

This week KC, Damon, and Paulie B. meet as always to chat about Pro Joe's dress style?? we highlight the beautiful Ishikawa prefecture and the rebuilding of the region following the New Year's Day quake. We learn of the new resorts section on the Golf In Japan website, and we get uber-serious about

by Podcast Team
Golf In Japan Podcast

Golf In Japan Podcast Episode #1

by Podcast Team

Join us for an engaging conversation filled with insights and laughter as we reflect on our decades-long journey of living and playing golf in Japan. Whether you're a seasoned player or just getting into the swing of things, "Golf In Japan" promises to deliver a unique perspective and some good-natured fun. So, grab your clubs and tune in for an immersive golfing experience in the Land of the Rising Sun!

About the hosts
4 foreigners living in Tokyo: KC from Ireland, Damon and Pro Joe from Australia, and Paulie B from Canada for a relaxed and friendly discussion. 

In this first episode, dive into the prefecture of the week; Hiroshima, the latest tour news, some discussion around Japanese pro golf, and also some recommendations on where to play.

Listen to Episode # 1