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Osaka's Best Golf Shops

Osaka Is Japan's second-largest city, located in the Kansai area in West Japan. It is a particularly popular golf destination with 34 courses in its immediate vicinity but is situated also ideally next to Kyoto, Kobe, and Mie which combined have over 100 courses, not to mention the extensive

by Travel Editor

Shin Peoria Handicap System Explained

by Travel Editor

When playing in a competition in Japan you will find the format of choiice is the new or 'Shin' Peoria System, popular when you have have people who don't maintain a handicap, or insist that they are 'Not that great' and then shoot the round of their lives! In either case, Shin Peoira is functional for makaing a fair and level playing field. All golf clubs in Japan are famiar with this and can calaculate scores for your game afterward, just ask the caddy master's office.

How does it work?

New 'Shin' Peoria is also known as double Peoria system. Simply, the course will pick 6 random holes which will be used to determine handicap. Meaning whatever you got on these six holes will dicate your handicap. for example if you shot 6 over par on the choesen 6 holes your handicap would be 18 (average for the 6 holes x 3 to make 18).  As normal, the handicaps will be deducted from the gross score to make the final net scores.