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Osaka's Best Golf Shops

Osaka Is Japan's second-largest city, located in the Kansai area in West Japan. It is a particularly popular golf destination with 34 courses in its immediate vicinity but is situated also ideally next to Kyoto, Kobe, and Mie which combined have over 100 courses, not to mention the extensive

by Travel Editor

Kyoto's Best Golf Shops

by Kieron Cashell

Kyoto, is well famed for its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, but did you know it also is a treasure trove for golf enthusiasts? As well as its 29 golf courses which are some of the best in the country, it also offers some fabulous golf shopping, with the latest club fitting centers and stylish golf apparel stores as well as used bargain stores, you owe it to yourself to drop in while in Kyoto! 

Here are some of the best Golf shops in Kyoto, with something for everyone, and remember; they are all TAX FREE!

Happy shopping!

Golf Shop Green Jacket

Golf Shop Green Jacket is one of the most interesting golf shops in Japan, the guys at this shop specially curate rare Scotty Cameron collectibles, these guys really know their stuff and they have built a reputation with global collectors as THE place to get SC putters, you can drop in or check their inventory online:

Address: 123 Golf Avenue, Kyoto
Phone: +81 75-123-4567