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Hanna Country Club

Celebrating its 50th year, it is regarded as a top 5 golf course in Osaka, and one of the most popular in Japan for foreign guests. Experience a fun, pristine golf course, excellent facilities, friendly and attentive staff, and delicious Japanese food and drink- we have it all at Hanna Country Club!

Designed by master craftsman Shunsuke Kato, this full-fledged urban championship course has hosted prestigious events such as the LPGA Osaka Women's Open and the Japan-Korea Women's Professional Golf Tournament. The greens are meticulously maintained and in excellent condition year-round, with a speed of 9.0 feet as of June 2023. The course's highly strategic layout allows you to experience the true depth and challenge of golf beyond mere distance.

One of the many delights of this course is the opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate after your game in the natural hot spring "Tatsuma Onsen," which springs from 1,500 meters underground. This soothing experience is the perfect way to relax and soothe your fatigue, adding an extra touch of luxury to your golfing day.

Onsen Bath

Hanna Country Club's Onsen Bath offers the perfect retreat for golfers to relax and rejuvenate after a day on the greens. The soothing hot spring waters help to relieve muscle fatigue and enhance overall well-being, making it an ideal way to unwind and prepare for your next round of golf.

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