28 January 2008

Whether you like it or not, we are always trying to impress our friends. It may be a long drive or an eagle putt. It may be the clothes you wear or the club you swing. If you are beyond any of those possibilities. I offer you a different approach to being the center of attention on the golf course.

Well. . . for at least 30 seconds anyways.


How to impress your playing partners in 7 easy steps.

Choke up on club
Drop the ball onto the club and try to catch it. Keep doing that until you don't have to run after the ball. Then try to bounce it twice and catch it. If you can't do this right away start with a balloon work yourself down to a tennis ball and then try a golf ball. Every one has different learning times some are faster than others.
Remember Michael Jordan got cut from his Junior High School Basketball Team
Balance ball on club
See how long you can balance the ball on the club head to give you a sense and feel of how your eyes should react to the distance.
How many times can you do it?
Practice! Practice! Practice!
Soft hands and good balance.
Start by choking up to half the club and slowly work yourself up the club until you can hold the grip and do it.
Under your leg
Two ways to do this trick. Start lifting normally and then lift your leg over the ball and club or the higher than normal do a CAN CAN kick stick you club between your legs and receive the ball hold your pose until your planted leg starts shaking or the ball goes careening into the kitchen sink breaking your fine China. Then go outside and try again.
Behind the back
This is tough! But doable. If you look down and can't see your feet, I suggest you not try this trick. Otherwise start with your club already behind your back. It feels like you are looking in a mirror. Your brain thinks you are using your left hand. Which in turn sends your body into a panic. Relax and work on your balance and eye to ball distance
Amaze your friends!
A very fun trick.
Anyone can do this in three minutes.
Of Course a dimpled chin helps.
Timing is everything!
A good see through two way tape works the best. Notice how my face emotes surprise yet humility. You must show that you know that they know that you know they know that this is a very stupid trick.
The old two way tape trick!
Works every time!
If this doesn't make your kids or playing partners groan or bend over and hurl. There is something definitely wrong with them.


Loudmouth GOLF Pants! Play loud!

We all grew up awed by watching Johnny Miller in his shocking red pants and white belt, while Jack Nicklaus sported his plaid polyester Sans-A-Belts. But when the time came for us to play golf, what sartorial choices were we given? Khaki. Gray. Black. Where was the fun in that?! That's when founder Scott Woodworth of San Francisco, California took matters into his own hands, literally. He found some fabric with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck printed on a powder blue background and made himself a pair of golf pants. When guys started coming up to him in the fairway, on the green, and in the clubhouse asking him how they could get a pair, he realized there was a hidden desire on the golf course...

...To play LOUD!
Scott Woodworth The founder of Loudmouthgolf.com
Johnny Miller shot his famous 63 in the U.S. Open at Oakmont in 1973 in these pants. You'll never do that, but YOU CAN DRESS LIKE IT. Wear a solid bright red gold shirt, and get a blond wig!


Over the past year I have created some great relationships in the golf world in Japan as well as around the world. Last year, I approached Golf Fair Japan to find out about what they do and I was invited to perform at the JGRA (Japan Golf Range Association) Christmas party last December. Following that The Head of the Golf Fair Japan invited me to perform and help organize this years Fair at The Big site in Tokyo February 22-24.

Come on and join the fun.


Face-to-Face meet golf lovers from all over Asia and the world. Develop profitable relationships with new retail partners. Re-connect with current customers, dealers and reps. Introduce new products and services to the golf lovers. Gain greater visibility to public. Enhance your brand image.

Dates     February 22rd (Friday)/ 23th (Saturday)/ 24th (Sunday)
Hours     10:00 to 18:00(Last day, close at 17:00)
Venue    Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center)
   West Hall 1&2


Expected No. of Visitors:

The Japan Golf Goods Association
The Japan Golf Association
The Japan Golf Range Association
The Japan Golf Course Association
The Japan Public Golf Course Association
The Japan Professional Golfers Association
The Japan Ladiesf Professional Golfers Association
The Golfersf Tree-Planting Promotion Association
The Japan Golf Tournament Promotion Association
Japan Golf Tour Organization
Japan Golf Tour Players Club
Collaboration Jupiter Golf Network Co., Ltd.
The Japan Golf Goods Association
The Golf Fair committee, Executive committee for The Japan Golf Fair 2008

Japan Golf Fair
E-mail: overseas@daiko.co.jp

The Masters 2008
Willy Badger and Global Golf Vacations are proud to offer the 2008 Masters at Augusta. This once in a lifetime, dream golf experience combines world famous golf and 5 star accommodation with final round viewing of the 2008 Master's PGA Major.
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Willy Badger, 28 January 2008

About Willy
Willy has been living in Japan for 12 years. He is a "Daidogei" comic juggler living in Gunma, Japan. In 2008, Willy's mission is to introduce golfers to the beautiful Hot Springs & Outdoor Activities of Gunma. Recently, Willy became director of Sports Management Worldwide Japan, an athlete management company and online education University with offices in America, India and the U.K.

Check out Willy's sports blog The Rising Score!
Gunma C.C.

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