Kasumigaura Kokusai G.C. in Ibaraki

Kasumigaura Kokusai G.C.

Most golf courses in the world are built by the combination of a developer with land who then chooses a designer to create and insert a course onto that land. Not so with this course. In the late 1950`s Kasumigaura's owner approached Shiro Akaboshi, the leading designer of the time, and asked him to set out to find the perfect location to build a new golf course, after which the land was purchased and construction began.

This copulation of a flexible owner and designers freedom created a beautiful course built on the best location available in the late 50`s in the Tokyo vicinity. They selected the area due to its natural water source and slowly rolling landscape. Today the holes are surrounded by mature towering pines and the occasional orchard.

The clubhouse is the original structure from 1961 with Art deco bathrooms with hints of psychedelic 60`s decor here and there, even a few pictures of the Beatles near the piano. The restaurants menu is in English and not overly pricey. Most people come to a golf course for the golf and not the clubhouse and I'd give the owner top ratings for putting money into the course, keeping it beautiful, as opposed to the clubhouse!

In closing, the best way to describe this club is "Golf on a Grand Scale", easily accessible from Tokyo and highly recommended.

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