16 January 2006


It is that time of the year when the cold weather across the main parts of Japan offer very little incentive to venture outdoors for that next game of golf. However down south in Kyushu and Okinawa you will find plenty of golfing options.


Home to over 220 golf courses, Kyushu is a golf paradise for quality, access and price. With an average winter temperature of 15 degrees, it is hard to not want to visit Kyushu for a golfing getaway.

Kyushu offers and array of key golfing / accommodation and sights. It is reguarly voted in key media here in Japan as the key golfing destination.

Our top choices for golf are - Keya GC, - Fukuoka, The Masters GC -Kumamoto, Ibusuki GC -Kagoshima, Aoshima GC - Aoshima, and Phoenix Country Club - Miyazaki


Okinawa offers some of the best resort style and coastal golfing experiences in Japan. In recent years Okinawa has re-emerged as a great golfing destination as prices and access to facilities improves.

Consider the choice of facilities and ease of access a trip to Okinawa is certainly a trip worthwhile.

Our top choices are - Busena Resort, The Southern Links and Naha GC.

For more information go to Courses & Ratings on this site.

Shinobu Miyazato

Certainly Ai Miyazoto has been the focus of attention the past 2 years and will continue to be a focal point for many years to come. However another player Shinobu Moromizato is another key Japanese female player to watch in 2006.

At only 19 she qualified 9th at the USPGA Tour school in December and with an outstanding amateur record and strong professional debut during 2005 in Japan she is destined for success on the LPGA Tour in 2006.

While many believe Ai chan will be first win abroad, do not be surprised if this young lady upstages the worlds best in a shorter time than Ai Chan..

Taylor Made R7 - 425

They have made it even better is the word from the industry.

Compared to the original r7 quad driver, the new 425 model promotes a wider change in trajectory in terms of both height and lateral movement; it's more forgiving and visually is an improvement to the original r7 quad.

And for those of you looking for even more there is also the TP (Tour Preferred) model, which offers a little more playability for the experienced players.


Work on your core for better all around results.

The core refers to the central part of the body - often referred to as the abdominals, pelvis etc. If we are able to promote a strong core then everything else will function better. In many cases a poor golf technique or inability to perform the skill can be linked back to this very important area of the body.

There are many forms of exercise, including Pilate's; Yoga and Swiss ball, each are forms of core training. The main focus of core training is to start in some non-challenging positions and practice contracting the appropriate muscles to stabilize the core.

In a short time you will see some encouraging results and long term allow you to play better and enjoyable golf.


  • Golf Ex January 29th and 30th - this golf expo in Dubai is sure to be a great success. www.golf-ex.com

  • The Aaron Baddelley World Junior Challenge this year makes its way to Asia. Dragon Lake in China is the venue from February 28th till March 6th, 2006. See www.badds.com for more information.

  • Rates are dropping - in 2005 the average rates of golf continued to drop with golf now being available from 2,100 yen. For more information see here

  • The final day for the 2005 Japanese Men's Professional golf tour-qualifying event was postponed due to snow. Yes, snow in Kysuhu Japan, the first time in the history of the event. The last day - to be played early in 2006 will provide many golfers with a nervous wait to see what will be there playing status for 2006 on the Japanese Golf Tour.

  • The Asian Tour is poised to rival the Japanese tour for the number 3 spot worldwide with a 32-event Schedule in 2006 and offer a record US$23 million in total prize money. For more information see www.asiantour.com

    Paul Jones, 16 January 2006

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