10 July, 2006

The Ladies Asian Golf Tour

In this link we speak to Alywn Tai the Chief Executive Director of the exciting Ladies Asian Golf Tour. He tells us about the tours developments in Asia as well shares his knowledge and experiences in Asia.

Rae-Vadee T Suwan, President and Aylwin Tai, Chief Executive of Ladies Asian Golf Tour
Tell us about the Ladies Asian Golf Tour.

The tour is into its 2nd year, it consist of several events that are played through both South East Asia and Northern Asia from January to March. For more information go to the website - www.lagt.org.

Why did you start the Ladies Asian Golf Tour?

It was time to create a tour that would strengthen, create and develop alliances of the game and its associated ladies bodies. In turn this would have a positive impact on the development of game and most importantly development of the Asian Golfer.

How is the future of golf in Asia?

Very Good, each country is busy creating its own golf culture with there own unique influences on the way the game is being developed, played and promoted in Asia as a whole. In addition it should be noted be that the two most important influences on the game the junior development and the professional golf game are being supported by the women's associations in each country in such a way that the future looks very bright.

As the game and the tour grow is the industry keeping up with the requirements ?

Yes, however a lot of the successful developments have come from abroad. The keys such as human resources and operation performance can be managed properly by the foreign influences firms. Therefore the key for the local industry is to become qualified and certified in all facets of the business. There is still a 3 to 5 year window of opportunity before the next phase and in this time Asia needs to become more qualified and experienced operators.

Which of the Asians countries is the most exciting to watch in coming years for golf talent?

Korea without a doubt currently has the greatest depth of the players and the greatest passion for the game here in Asia. However the biggest sleeping giant is China. The combination of the China government and the business community see the games potential for success on all fronts.

What is that makes the Ladies Asian Golf Tour a success?

It is a combination of the 3 key factors -

TV - both coverage and production
Players - you need the rookies, the willing and solid players
Sponsors - they are essential and growing as they see the value the game of golf provides for profile, branding and promotion. -

To date who are the key supporters of the tour?

There are off course the sponsors who see the benefits of supporting such a tour. However the key is the local golf associations, the committees of these which are vital for the success to date. They are essential in gathering local community, golf industry and business support. For example Thailand, Malaysia and India Women's associations are key success stories from 2006.

Which Asian countries have the best junior development programs in your opinion?

Korea, Thailand and Taiwan. The success to date and the future is very promising. Overall the Ladies associations through Asia take a very proactive approach in the development of the game.

What is the purpose of the Ladies Asian Golf Tour and what does it try to encourage?

The tour brings Tourism, Event Creation, Awareness, Promotion and Revenues to each of the countries staging and event. The players experience competition, culture, education and experiences that ensure the Ladies Asian Golf Tour grows in popularity and success both on and off the golf course.

Who is the most influential figure on the game in Asia?

Unfortunately there are no Asian role models at this point, thus a key reason why the Ladies Asian Golf Tour was created. However without a doubt it would currently be both Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie.

Paul Jones, 10 July 2006

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