7 February, 2006

Thirteenth Beach - Golf Course Realty

Golf Course realty in Australia for 2006 looks very encouraging. The overall market may have leveled during 2005, but projects such as the Thirteenth Beach project, situated on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria are great examples of the quality available on the market at affordable pricing.

The region is home to some of Australia's best (Barwon Heads) and oldest (Geelong Golf Club) golf courses. In addition is the "sea change" lifestyle and all the benefits of living in a region renowned for its quality of living.

Bob Gartland from Gartland Real Estate in Geelong answered the following questions in regards to the region along with information pertaining to a project that has captured so much attention through 2005.

The Bellarine Peninsula and Golf Realty, what are the keys for the areas popularity in recent years?

The Bellarine Peninsula has always enjoyed enormous popularity both locally and outside our region because of the stunning beaches and its proximity to the Melbourne market. People have been looking for a "Sea Change" experience where they swap city lifestyle for a more relaxed coastal lifestyle with pristine beaches, less crowds and a more relaxed life in general. People can still enjoy all of this without sacrificing proximity and contact to the major business centers.

For those looking into the area, what are the key properties that you can offer in 2006 as far as options to purchase?

We are currently offering the Evian Condominiums for sale where prices start at $465,000. The first stages of these Condominiums have just been completed and are selling very well. For Investors, there is a rent guarantee at 6.3% per annum for 3 years which reinforces the Developers confidence in this burgeoning lifestyle / investment market. Evian Condominiums is located at Thirteenth Beach.

lso at Thirteenth Beach the Ocean Golf Condominiums are now under construction and management of both Evian and Ocean Golf Resort has just been negotiated with Hawthorn Suites Resort at Thirteenth Beach Golf Links, who are part of the Hyatt Reward administration chain.

Ocean Golf Resort again offers a different type of product with resort style accommodation in an investment scenario only where a guaranteed investment of 6% per annum is offered by the Developers. Ocean Golf Resort is currently under construction and will be completed in the next few months.

Both of these outstanding developments are located at Thirteenth Beach Golf Course which features two championship golf courses designed by Tony Cashmore and world famous professional golfer, Nick Faldo.

Besides golf what other key interests and developments in the area make the purchase of realty in the area worthwhile?

Thirteenth Beach is located adjacent to Barwon Heads on Victoria's pristine Surfcoast and boast some of the best surf beaches in the world. The clean, white sandy beaches attract surfers and beach goers from all over the world and the ability to enjoy golf at the highest level on two championship courses is certainly a feature. It is interesting that in a recent newspaper poll in Australia, that the 12th hole at Thirteenth Beach was voted the best 12th hole in the world. Apart from the beach and golf, other interests are certainly the proximity to Melbourne and shopping, Geelong City itself again with its city beaches, the waterfront precinct, caf?s and restaurants and the immediate access to the Great Ocean Roads which is clearly one of the worlds tourist lifestyle features with its stunning panoramic ocean views.

Recently the freeway from Melbourne to Geelong was upgraded which in effect brought the Geelong region 20 minutes closer to Melbourne city. In the coming months, the further development of Geelong's major arterials will continue with commencement in construction of the Ring Road, which again will make the Surf Coast and the Geelong Region more accessible to Melbourne markets and beyond.

Capital growth in the coastal regions has surpassed expectations Australia wide in the past few years and recently indications are that the residential lifestyle / investment market is about to make another surge. High capital gains all over the region are certainly driving investment and interest from all over Australia and Internationally in this outstanding unique region.

Many believe the market has settled and in the coming year or so some good gains to be made, is this true and specifically to Golf Course realty, what are your thoughts?

Golf Course Real Estate is a unique market which is connected but not in inextricably linked to the general real estate market. The golfing industry in Australia is enjoying enormous growth and golf tourism in this country is one of the highest growth industries in Australia. There is a perception that this entire golf tourism market is about to explode, given Australia's climate, its pristine golf courses, its secure environment and its proximity to developing Asian markets. The growth of Golf Tourism combined with the high quality nature of our Thirteenth Beach developments combine to make investments in Thirteenth Beach an outstanding prospect. The sport of golf itself is one of the highest participation sports in Australia and people are looking to combine holidays and investment with golf. As this trend continues, investment returns with golf investment real estate will also increase and provide investors with solid, outstanding returns and strong capital growth over the next couple of years.

For information please contact Bob Gartland at Gartland Real Estate, PO Box 636, GEELONG, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA 3220. Phone: 61 3 5224 2204, Facsimile: 61 3 5229 0344 or by email: bob@gartland.com.au and website: www.gartland.com.au

For this article and any others you can contact Paul Jones at pjones@outdoorjapan.com .

Paul Jones, 7 February 2006

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