1.La Vista Golf ResortChiba Tateyama
2.Taiheiyo Associates Oarai Sherwood CourseIbaraki Joban
3.Taiheiyo Associates Sano Hillcrest CourseTochigi Tohoku
4.Taiheiyo Club & Associates Sapporo CourseHokkaido Doo
5.Taiheiyo Club & Associates - ArimaHyogo Chugoku
6.Taiheiyo Club & Associates Konan CourseSaitama Kanetsu
7.Taiheiyo Club & Associates Mashiko CourseTochigi Tohoku/Kita-Kanto
8.Taiheiyo Club & Associates Minori CourseIbaraki Joban
9.Taiheiyo Club & Associates Takasaki CourseGunma Joshinetsu
10.Taiheiyo Club Gotemba CourseShizuoka Tomei
11.Taiheiyo Club Gotemba WestShizuoka Tomei
12.Taiheiyo Club Ichihara CourseChiba Tokyowan Aqualine
13.Taiheiyo Club Karuizawa ResortGunma Joshinetsu
14.Taiheiyo Club Narita CourseChiba Higashi-Kanto
15.Taiheiyo Club Rokko CourseHyogo Chugoku
16.Taiheiyo Club Sagami CourseKanagawa Tomei
17.Taiheiyo Club Takarazuka CourseHyogo Chugoku


Taiheiyo Club is the leading company that contributes to the golf market through managing of golf courses in Japan.Taiheiyo Club manages and administrates various courses, from tournament course to resort course. It's private member can play all courses as a common member of Taiheiyio Club.

We hold international big tournament "The Sumitomo VISA Taiheiyo Masters" under the spirit of global standard.

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