Paul Jones
is based in Tokyo and is currently both principal and managing partner for several projects in the development of the game in Japan and Asia. Paul has held roles in all facets of the sport and hospitality industry.
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  Gordon G. Simmonds
is the author of the best-selling history of the Walker Cup, The Walker Cup, 1922-1999, To accompany his book, Gordon has also established a web site dedicated to Walker Cup history.
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  Bennett Galloway
is a long time resident of Japan and the Director of Golf for Gotemba Golf Club and Belle View Nagao G.C., in Shizuoka, near Mt. Fuji. He is also a member of the Golf Writers Association of America and a teaching professional, providing lessons for all ages and abilities, in English or Japanese.
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Jul 3 - Golf in Niseko, Asia's Answer to Whistler by Bennett Galloway
When you think of Hokkaido it usually first brings up images of pristine powder snow topped mountains and vast flat wide open expanses, but when the snowfields turn to green meadows, golf takes center stage and the people here trade in their boards for sticks.
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Apr 30 - Game On! by Bennett Galloway
The golf season is well underway and it's time to get out and enjoy some of the two thousand three hundred and forty courses Japan has to offer! Whether you've been active or on the couch since ski season, warming up your body for golf is as equally important for the athlete, as it is for the couch potato!
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Feb 14 - Japan Golf Tours by Bennett Galloway
Finally, a company dedicated to helping international golfers get access to and experience some of the most amazing golf available anywhere in the world, and it's right here in Japan! I had an opportunity to speak with owner and founder John Thornton, about what led him to creating golf tours to Japan.
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Dec 6 - Tom Doak Interview    by Paul Jones
Tom Doak has emerged as one of the most prolific and respected designers of golf courses in the modern day. I had the opportunity recently to ask a few questions about the man, golf course design and impressions of golf in Japan.
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Nov 24 - Gearing Up for Winter Golf by Bennett Galloway
The summer heat has left us and the leaves are beginning to fall. Most of you are probably starting to think about retiring your clubs for the season and focusing on winter sports like skiing and boarding. For some of us it's not that easy to turn off the game and the desire to tee it up lasts all year!
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Sep 1 - Respecting Your Game by Bennett Galloway
I had the pleasure of having lunch with a very inspirational person a while back whose face you might recognize. Bobby Valentine is the manager of the Chiba Lotte Marines baseball club, an engaging speaker, management guru, and an accomplished ball room dancer to boot!
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July 14 - Hong Kong Golf    by Paul Jones
Few destinations in Asia offer as much as Hong Kong. In recent years with the expansion of China to the nearby north, Hong Kong has again become a favorite destination for both tourists and business travelers. In this feature we take a look at the golf experience in Hong Kong and how best to enjoy yourself away from the course.
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July 10 - The Ladies Asian Golf Tour    by Paul Jones
In this link we speak to Alywn Tai the Chief Executive Director of the exciting Ladies Asian Golf Tour. He tells us about the tours developments in Asia as well shares his knowledge and experiences in Asia.
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June 10 - Adrift in a Sea of Golf Balls    by Bennett Galloway
I'm often asked by my students what kind of ball I prefer to play. My usual response is "lost ones"!! Seriously though, there is an absolute "tidal wave" of choices out there providing you with a full spectrum of performance characteristics to choose from.
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April 5 - The Secret to Scoring Well
"Shhh.....Don't Tell Anyone"!
   by Bennett Galloway
People often ask me what the most important factor, or part, of the golf swing is? If you didn't know, it's "Consistency". It doesn't matter how erratically you jab, swipe, poke or slash at the ball, if you can do it the same way every time, you can score well!
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Mar 16 - Shanghai - the golf destination with a lot more to offer    by Paul Jones
In this feature we take a look at the best way to golf in Shanghai. The Shanghai Golf market is a significant part of the 330 golf courses in China which support some 400,000 playing golfers across this vast country.
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Feb 19 - IMG- Management of the Game    by Paul Jones
We take a look at the company IMG and their involvement in Asian Golf. Robbie Henchman from IMGs head office in Singapore took time to answer a few questions in what is the fastest growing region for golf in the world and how IMG is assisting in its success.
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February 15 - The importance of the 19th Hole    by Gordon G. Simmonds
Believe it or not, golf is struggling to maintain its credibility as one of the world's most popular participation sports. There are fundamental problems on different levels, with the most acute issue at the playing level being pace of play.
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Feb 14 - Japan Golf - The State of the Game    by Paul Jones
Over the past 5 years significant changes have occurred within the Japanese Golf Industry. In this article we take a look at the state of the game, what exactly has happened, what is likely to happen and what is required to improve the state of the game.
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Feb 7 - Thirteenth Beach - Golf Course Realty    by Paul Jones
Golf Course realty in Australia for 2006 looks very encouraging. The overall market may have leveled during 2005, but projects such as the Thirteenth Beach project, situated on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria are great examples of the quality available on the market at affordable pricing.
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Feb 6 - Nurturing the Game    by Paul Jones
The development of grass roots sports is essential for overall growth. Golf in Asia and its popularity in recent years has been incredible, however it is important to note that this expansion has occurred mid stream with most golfers participating either being from social upper class or introduced to the game as way of lifestyle and business association.
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Jan 25 - Golf Course Realty, Australia    by Paul Jones
Investing in traditional property in recent years has been good in several markets, Australia being a good performer the last few years. We are going to take a look at Golf Course Realty. These types of properties have been very successful in the USA and Southern areas of Europe.
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Jan 21 - The Asian Golf Tour    by Paul Jones
Golf is Asia has taken some giant strides in recent in years with the development of the Asian Golf Tour. The game of golf in Asia has taken on a new and more professional face that presents sponsors, countries and most of all the golfing public with a professional golf tour that brings together the best the world has to offer in the most exciting region in the world.
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Jan 16 - Winter Golf - Golf in Japan's South    by Paul Jones
It is that time of the year when the cold weather across the main parts of Japan offer very little incentive to venture outdoors for that next game of golf. However down south in Kyushu and Okinawa you will find plenty of Golfing options.
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November 5 - Hakone, the Gem of Kanagawa and a Resort Golfers Paradise    by Bennett Galloway
Once seeing the Hakone National Park and resort area you might think that JM.Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, must have visited and found inspiration here. With its steaming volcanoes, lush green forests and sailing ships cruising over glistening clear waters, it's as close as you'll ever find to "Never Land"!
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October 11 - Desperately seeking heroes    by Gordon G. Simmonds
Observations made ten years ago when the Asian Tour's predecessor, the APGA Tour, was launched with great hoopla and fanfare, overwhelmed by an avalanche of dollars from a gullible corporate world - looks impressive but without young, charismatic, home-grown talent, the party will soon be over.
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July 12 - MACAU- gambling is not the only game in town    by Paul Jones
Think Macau and you think of the tiny former Portuguese colony near Hong Kong. If you've been there, you'll know that the area offers more betting action than Las Vegas. What you may not know is that you can play your chips in the Sands, or out of the sand on some nice golf courses.
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June 15 - Golf in Japan: A primer to golfing in Tokyo    by Bennett Galloway
The Japanese are well known for taking a good idea and making it better and golf is no exception. Courses in Japan tend to be far above international standards and nowhere else in the world can you find such lavish facilities in such staggering numbers.
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May 12 - The Power of Language    by Gordon G. Simmonds
There is a buzz of expectation in the international media about a young female Japanese golfer by the name of Ai Miyazato. Needless to say, she has been an icon in Japan for two years already and enjoyed a stellar amateur career before that.
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May 9 - Learning to Practice    by Paul Jones
Finding golf instruction and places to practice in Japan can be a challenge at the best of times. This month we give you a rundown on the protocol of practicing, as well as some foreign and Japanese instructors that can help prime your game as the golf season gets into swing.
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April 6 - Making Sure The Club Fits    by Paul Jones
With the golf season getting into full swing, many golfers are thinking about new clubs. This month we look at some important things to consider, whether you are upgrading a club or getting the whole set.
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March 2 - Time to thaw out that golf swing    by Bennett Galloway
Spring has arrived and it's time to polish off those rust spots that have formed on your clubs. That's relatively easy to do, but what about your golf game? A long break from the game can provide a valuable opportunity to replace bad habits with good ones.
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February 2 - Young Guns of Golf    by Paul Jones
This month Japan Links interviews Aaron Baddeley, one of the many talented golfers to have come out of Australia in recent years. We caught up with Aaron during his recent visit to Japan.
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January 19 - The Sociable Art of Putting    by Gordon G. Simmonds
Why do the leading players never commit to putter contracts, when millions of dollars are paid to them for endorsement of everything else they carry, hit, wear, drive, drink and eat?
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January 7 - Tracking the Tiger    by Paul Jones
Ever wonder what makes the worldfs greatest golfer tick? This month we take a look at a week in the life of Tiger Woods during his recent visit to Japan. Wefll see if we can discover what it takes to be a World Number 1 and win Japanfs biggest Tour Event.
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